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So one of the guys here was at Costco the other day and picked up the iPhone App Directory Volume One, a thick glossy magazine-like publication by the guys from iPhoneKungFu.  Inside were pages and pages of vibrant colorful pictures, with each page dedicated to several quick and short reviews of iPhone and iPod Touch applications.  Upon flipping through these pages, you can’t help but get the feeling you are flipping through a yearbook, with sections of the book dedicated to talking about the best software from each App Store category, such as Finance, Navigation, Social Networking, Games, etc.  I flipped to the Games section, noticing the popular apps like Wurdle and Moto Chaser, and then suddenly stumbled across a very familiar application, our very own Free Word Warp!

I was so excited to see the reviewers mentioning our app as a “cool little game that takes a much-used format and packages it in an accessible way.”  It makes me very happy to see that one of our apps has gotten enough buzz from people that these guys from iPhoneKungFu feel like our app should be included in the “guide to the best applications for iPhone and iPod Touch,” alongside extremely popular and effective apps like Pocket God, IM+, and Urbanspoon.  It’s a tremendous honor and I must give props to the guys from the MobilityWare Engineering Team, who probably don’t get as much appreciation as they deserve.  Another big thank you to our Word Warp faithful, for without you, our apps wouldn’t be able to build any hype and nobody would know about them.  So thanks again and hopefully next year we can get some of our other applications in the Volume Two edition.  Do yourself a favor and go check out the iPhone App Directory Volume One at your local newsstand or bookstore, because the guys from iPhoneKungFu did a terrific job in compiling lists and lists of terrific apps that you may or may not have heard of.  In the meantime, keep playing Free Word Warp!

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