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So while looking up people’s thoughts and feelings about some of our games (list can be found here) on Twitter, Facebook and the App Store, we here at MobilityWare were in awe by how many comments revolved around a certain topic, people’s Word Warp high score. After sorting through dozens and dozens of messages/comments/tweets by people stating they had a great Word Warp high score, or that they had just broken their old unbeatable Word Warp record, all these claims got us thinking. Why don’t we have a place where people can compare scores and actually see who really does have the best Word Warp score? A friendly contest perhaps? How about a weekly submission type of thing? Would you guys be interested in something like that? Let us know! Keep posting about Word Warp; we try and read everybody’s stories/claims.

You can follow us on twitter @MobilityWare and become a fan of us on facebook here. Feel free to send us a message, we love hearing from you guys!

Anyway, to everybody who has participated so far in the Word Warp Frenzy, THANK YOU! Things are looking good so far and we’re ecstatic with all the love people are showing for Word Warp. Tell all your friends!

If you haven’t already entered, do it now! The whole process takes just seconds; our fellow Word Warp fans will attest to that. Here are instructions with pictures that show you exactly what to do.

Talk to you guys soon

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