Apple Tree

Psst! Hey you… come here. Yes you! Come closer…I’m going to let you in on a little MobilityWare secret. Not many people know, but we have an application called Apple Tree. Essentially, it is a kid’s version of Hangman, but we here at MobilityWare believe it to be so much more than that.

Gameplay from Apple Tree

Gameplay from Apple Tree

With young children around the ages of 5-10 in mind, we sought to create a game that would expose these children to spelling skills and encourage them to want to learn how to spell. We incorporated 1st-6th grade level word lists as well as lists of Common Words, Animals, and Fairy Tale Characters. We also included a vocabulary function so the child can see the word’s definition at the end of each game, a function we feel is an excellent way for a child to build his or her vocabulary. Combining these elements with a bright and friendly interface (free of the ridiculous “racism” claims and “violent intentions” that some people claim the game Hangman usually brings), we feel we have created a game that children will be begging their parents to play, and to which the parent will be all too happy to oblige.

In an age where so many video games contain swearing and violent undertones, it is important but also sometimes difficult to select certain video games for young children. Last week, we tweeted a question asking what age is appropriate for a child to first play simple video games. We received responses suggesting that around 4-5 years would seem like the ideal age. In response to this, we feel that Apple Tree is an ideal game for a parent to have their young child pick up and play because it is a simple, relaxing, fun and educational children’s game.

Here’s what some of our Apple Tree customers are saying:

  • “My son “loves” this game. Great for beginning spelling skills.”
  • “I really like this version of Hangman. Above and beyond the child friendly aspects, I like that it has grade level appropriate word listings”
  • “What makes this a good game is the ability for the parent or child to choose the level of difficulty”

So if you have young children, definitely take a chance at Apple Tree. You can find its facebook page here, as well as its link in the App Store here.

Let us know how you feel about it!

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2 Comments on “Apple Tree”

  1. Beckie Says:

    My daughter has been playing Apple Tree, she likes the challenge of guessing the words!

  2. […] an iPhone app with really good educational value for your school age child? Try Apple Tree from Mobility Ware. This iPhone app encourages children to work on their spelling skills while […]

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