MobilityWare in CNN Money!

So  Greystripe has been conducting a marketing campaign to try to get more app developers to use their services.  They’ve been collecting data and just recently published some financials on what some of their developers, including us, have done.  They decided to spotlight two of our products, Word Search and everybody’s favorite, Word Warp

Greystripe was able to get some press on this and some articles about us were recently published.  In fact, CNN has a piece about how well Word Warp is doing (found here) and points out that on average, the Word Warp game “brings in just over $10,000 a month.”  Now, may we point out that this $10,000 isn’t from sales of Word Warp, but rather from the advertising in our free version of Word Warp.  As happy as we are from the good press we receive, we’d like to point out that these numbers and statistics are only possible because of you guys.  Our fans are the reasons we make our games, and we appreciate immensely the support you guys provide.  Our goal is to make you guys happy and we love getting feedback!

We’re also happy to say that the reason we offer a paid version of Word Warp as well as a free version of Word Warp, is to give people an option to choose which product they’d like to play. As our director of Marketing Dave Yonamine explains, “we’re giving consumers that choice, and whatever they go with is fine with us.”

So there you go, our success is because of your dedication! Thank you and keep Word Warping!

Here‘s another article written about Word Warp by

and here‘s another article written by

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