A feel good story about Word Warp

Every so often, in addition to the daily tweets we get about Word Warp, we get sent stories or testimonials from people who rave about our Word Warp game and want to share a little something with us. We love reading these emails and tweets because it’s such an incredible feeling to know that people love and embrace a product that we worked so hard on. Hearing people talk about how they can’t put down the game or that they’re so addicted that they have to play every night before they fall asleep makes us really feel like our hard work has paid off.

Yesterday, we received an email from a guy named Joe, who let us know how much he enjoys playing Word Warp and how it may have helped save his sight!

When Joe began playing Word Warp, he began to realize he was having trouble seeing the letters on the screen with his right eye. As weeks passed, Joe would “test” his eyes with the Word Warp game, seeing if there was any improvement in his sight. When he noticed his vision slowly worsened, he went to an eye doctor, where he was diagnosed with a metabolic cataract, rendering him partially blind in one eye. Luckily, Joe is doing well now, having embarked on a healthy lifestyle, complete with changing his diet and exercising frequently. As he stated (and we can’t agree more!), perhaps “playing Word Warp could save a life?”

And there’s more! So even with this slight obstacle, Joe still managed to put together one of the highest Word Warp scores we have ever seen, racking up over a million points! 1,000,080 to be exact (we’ve included proof below); and he’s still trying to beat it! Congratulations Joe! Your dedication to playing Word Warp is much appreciated and we hope for the best in your future.

What a truly heartwarming story and a great way to end the work week on a high note. If you have any stories about Word Warp you’d like to share with us, definitely send them our way! You can email them to Marketing@MobilityWare with “Word Warp” in the subject line. We love getting customer feedback.

Until next time, keep Word Warping! Have a great weekend!

joe high score cropped

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