Word Warp Frenzy Winners!

Posted July 28, 2009 by MobilityWare
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Thanks everybody again for participating in the Word Warp Frenzy! Tentative winners have been selected and we posted a note on Facebook listing the first initial and last name of all the winners, as well as instructions on what to do next. Congratulations!

You can see the list of Word Warp Frenzy winners here

As stated in a previous post, if you don’t see your name on the list, do not worry! We plan on having lots more sweepstakes like these, as well as other types of contests and giveaways! Stay tuned to our blog and twitter!


MobilityWare in CNN Money!

Posted July 27, 2009 by MobilityWare
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So  Greystripe has been conducting a marketing campaign to try to get more app developers to use their services.  They’ve been collecting data and just recently published some financials on what some of their developers, including us, have done.  They decided to spotlight two of our products, Word Search and everybody’s favorite, Word Warp

Greystripe was able to get some press on this and some articles about us were recently published.  In fact, CNN has a piece about how well Word Warp is doing (found here) and points out that on average, the Word Warp game “brings in just over $10,000 a month.”  Now, may we point out that this $10,000 isn’t from sales of Word Warp, but rather from the advertising in our free version of Word Warp.  As happy as we are from the good press we receive, we’d like to point out that these numbers and statistics are only possible because of you guys.  Our fans are the reasons we make our games, and we appreciate immensely the support you guys provide.  Our goal is to make you guys happy and we love getting feedback!

We’re also happy to say that the reason we offer a paid version of Word Warp as well as a free version of Word Warp, is to give people an option to choose which product they’d like to play. As our director of Marketing Dave Yonamine explains, “we’re giving consumers that choice, and whatever they go with is fine with us.”

So there you go, our success is because of your dedication! Thank you and keep Word Warping!

Here‘s another article written about Word Warp by mocoNews.net

and here‘s another article written by PocketGamer.biz

This is not the end!

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So that’s the conclusion of the Word Warp Frenzy! We are ecstatic with the love and support you guys have shown us and we’re really happy with the end result. We’ll be sending out messages to all the winners on Facebook, so keep an eye out for that. If you don’t get a message, don’t fret! We plan on having lots of sweepstakes in the future similar to this one, as well as some ideas about contests and giveaways. There’s big things cooking here at MobilityWare and honestly, we can’t wait to share them with you! Definitely stay tuned to the MobilityWare blog and follow us on Twitter so you can be on the heads up on all of our news.

Open Forum!

Posted July 23, 2009 by MobilityWare
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So lately, we’ve been noticing the increase of traffic to our blog and we could not be happier!! If you are here for the first time, WELCOME and please make yourself at home! A big THANK YOU to everybody for the love and support you’ve shown our games, especially Word Warp!

Now we know you guys play Word Warp quite frequently, and you may or may not have come across something that you felt the game was lacking or could be improved upon. Well, we want to hear from you!
Do you have any funny stories about Word Warp? Did you play it so much you missed an appointment? Do you feel like you have the best Word Warp high score around and you wish there was a way to brag about it? Or what do you think we should include in our next version of Word Warp? Is it a certain word that Word Warp didn’t recognize when you were playing, thus ruining your high score?

We know you guys have all these ideas, so here is your exclusive chance to fire away, to share with us your stories, to let us in on your frustration, to express your gripes, moans, and groans. We’re thinking that after we accumulate enough suggestions, that we run a poll and have people vote on what they think is an idea worth considering!

Now, before you start thinking up some ideas or racking your memory for stories, you may be asking yourself how you’re going to be able to share with us these things. Well my fellow Word Warper, there are a number of ways you can get in contact with us. You can either post a comment on the blog, or you can write on our wall on the Word Warp Facebook Page, or tweet about it on our MobilityWare Twitter page (making sure you mention Word Warp or @MobilityWare in your message), or if you have a longer message to give us, shoot us an email at Marketing@MobilityWare.com. We monitor all three of these networks quite extensively so you won’t have to worry about your message falling through the cracks because we will be reading them (and we might even respond too!).

Last but not least, it’s July 23rd, meaning you only have 4 or so days left to enter in the WORD WARP FRENZY for your chance to win a paid version of Word Warp! If you haven’t entered yet, the whole process is extremely simple and takes just seconds. Here are some instructions on how to do it (and there’s pictures inside to help speed it up!)

Anyway, hope your day is going great and make sure to send us those stories/complaints/ideas/suggestions soon. We LOVE hearing from you guys! Talk to you soon!

Apple Tree

Posted July 20, 2009 by MobilityWare
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Psst! Hey you… come here. Yes you! Come closer…I’m going to let you in on a little MobilityWare secret. Not many people know, but we have an application called Apple Tree. Essentially, it is a kid’s version of Hangman, but we here at MobilityWare believe it to be so much more than that.

Gameplay from Apple Tree

Gameplay from Apple Tree

With young children around the ages of 5-10 in mind, we sought to create a game that would expose these children to spelling skills and encourage them to want to learn how to spell. We incorporated 1st-6th grade level word lists as well as lists of Common Words, Animals, and Fairy Tale Characters. We also included a vocabulary function so the child can see the word’s definition at the end of each game, a function we feel is an excellent way for a child to build his or her vocabulary. Combining these elements with a bright and friendly interface (free of the ridiculous “racism” claims and “violent intentions” that some people claim the game Hangman usually brings), we feel we have created a game that children will be begging their parents to play, and to which the parent will be all too happy to oblige.

In an age where so many video games contain swearing and violent undertones, it is important but also sometimes difficult to select certain video games for young children. Last week, we tweeted a question asking what age is appropriate for a child to first play simple video games. We received responses suggesting that around 4-5 years would seem like the ideal age. In response to this, we feel that Apple Tree is an ideal game for a parent to have their young child pick up and play because it is a simple, relaxing, fun and educational children’s game.

Here’s what some of our Apple Tree customers are saying:

  • “My son “loves” this game. Great for beginning spelling skills.”
  • “I really like this version of Hangman. Above and beyond the child friendly aspects, I like that it has grade level appropriate word listings”
  • “What makes this a good game is the ability for the parent or child to choose the level of difficulty”

So if you have young children, definitely take a chance at Apple Tree. You can find its facebook page here, as well as its link in the App Store here.

Let us know how you feel about it!

One Week Left!

Posted July 20, 2009 by MobilityWare
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For those who have stumbled upon our blog for the first time, welcome!! This is the official blog for MobilityWare, so check back for news and updates on your favorite applications for the iPhone/iPod Touch, as well as interactive posts and information. We love hearing back from you guys, so definitely feel free to send us feedback and stories. We are on twitter @MobilityWare, so shoot us a tweet, we try and read everything!

Anyway, there is only one week left to join the Word Warp Frenzy and win that promo code for the paid version of Word Warp! We have a bunch of them so everybody has a chance! Entering the sweepstakes takes only a couple seconds, and we’ve included some instructions with pictures here to help expedite the process.

Take care!

Interesting Tidbit

Posted July 16, 2009 by MobilityWare
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So while looking up people’s thoughts and feelings about some of our games (list can be found here) on Twitter, Facebook and the App Store, we here at MobilityWare were in awe by how many comments revolved around a certain topic, people’s Word Warp high score. After sorting through dozens and dozens of messages/comments/tweets by people stating they had a great Word Warp high score, or that they had just broken their old unbeatable Word Warp record, all these claims got us thinking. Why don’t we have a place where people can compare scores and actually see who really does have the best Word Warp score? A friendly contest perhaps? How about a weekly submission type of thing? Would you guys be interested in something like that? Let us know! Keep posting about Word Warp; we try and read everybody’s stories/claims.

You can follow us on twitter @MobilityWare and become a fan of us on facebook here. Feel free to send us a message, we love hearing from you guys!

Anyway, to everybody who has participated so far in the Word Warp Frenzy, THANK YOU! Things are looking good so far and we’re ecstatic with all the love people are showing for Word Warp. Tell all your friends!

If you haven’t already entered, do it now! The whole process takes just seconds; our fellow Word Warp fans will attest to that. Here are instructions with pictures that show you exactly what to do.

Talk to you guys soon